Step 1 - Log into the website, locate Pages on the left, and click All Pages.

Step 2 - Locate the page to which the PDF will be added, and click on the title.

Step 3 - Place your cursor in the text box where you’d like the PDF to be added, and click the Add Media button below the Title space. A light box will open, then click on Upload Files. Click on Select Files in the middle of the page. Go to your computer, and choose the PDF, then click Open. Once the file has uploaded, you have the option of changing the title of the PDF. If the client has requested a title change, please enter the text in that space. If not, you may leave it as it is. Make sure that Attachment Settings is linked to Media File, and click on the blue Insert into Page button in the lower right corner of the light box.

Step 4 - Click the blue Update button in the upper right of the page.