Hi, this is Claire with allstarcheersites and dancesitesdoneright and this is the implementation call to teach you how to use your pinnacle dashboard. And so we’re just gonna dive right in the email in which you receive this video link. You should have also received your log in credentials so that you can get it in at the back of the dashboard which will look like this. And you should also have receive your list of items that our team will need in order to take your site live since every website is a lil different we do wanna make sure that you exactly what we need from you in order to take the site live. So when we start by pointing out a few things that if they need edited we will need to edit on your behalf. 

Social Media

First of all your social media if they are not yet hooked up, we will need to add those for you, as well as your gym phone number. We should already have that in place but just in case so a wrong number or your number has changed, we will need to edit that for you. We will already have the pages you have requested in the menu as well as the slides that you requested as well as the three main buttons that you have requested.

You will be able to add new pages but not to this three spots, so if you add a page, we just need to know where you wanted to go. If it says for the main menu, we just need to know where on the main menu you like it. If it is for the slider, we need to know what your slider be called for example this one is for birthday parties and we will need an image to go with the slider just a reminder that the images need to be at least 1500 pixels wide by 470 pixels tall thats a very horizontal image, our team can edit those for you as long as the images are already at least that large. And if you want to swap out one of the buttons here, our team will need to do that for you, these are all created by our assign team, which means that they're gonna take one to three business days for us to update for you. You need to swap up a button we need to know what you want the new buttons be called as well as the image you would like to use to respond with the button.


If you have a proshop we will need to add those items in for you.

-For each item in your proshop we will need an image jpeg, a title description, pricing and any size or color information.

-If you choose to use your proshop as an ecommerce flatform, we will also need your business urls or logins so that we can connect to the API so that you can accept payments. -We also need to know if you want to offer shipping some folks do, some folks don’t. If you do its typically a flat rate and if you charge tax and if so how much.

-You will be able to update the welcome paragraph as well as your testimonials, the testimonials will need to update for you rather.

-They do rotate on a ten second interval, so you could have as many as you like, we do need at least one to get started.


On the interior pages you'll see your opt-in box. This will be whatever you offer folks in order to get their information so that they can be added to your list. Most folks choose to do a coupon of sort. Not typically a free class, whatever you decide what to offer is fine but we will need that coupon so that we can embed into your site. You should also in the list the things that you receive from this email, you should have received a zip file with our auto responder files. We have created a series of 12 auto responders that you can edit and use as you see fit to your email campaign system.

These auto responders are set with specific times after someone opt-in to your website. So when they put in email address, they get sent to a secondary page so that they can fill out their information and make it put in, in the system. We recommend using all twelve auto responders they set to go out in a specific schedule so that you are all in full contact with these folks for seven months. So that way, even when they're not ready to come aboard on immediately you haven’t lose the ability to communicate with them. So you can use as how many of those auto responders you like and then just edit them and send them back to your implementation concierge and they will embed it in your mailing system when that's up and ready to go.

Recent Posts

The other thing you see on the interior page is your recent posts and the five most recent posts will show up on this interior page. You'll be able to edit those as well. So with all farther due, lets dive into the dashboard, couple things in the dashboard, portfolio items and tools are for our team. Lets start with profile I know its a little backwards but the username and password that you received from our team. The password specifically will have been really wrong and crazy and something that youre not want to have to remember. So you scroll down to the bottom of the profile, youll see a space where you can tyoe in a password and repeat it, click the blue update profile button. And the next time you log in you’ll be able to do so with the password that you can remember. So having that set, lets dig in to the content, lets start with posts. Right now we have two sample posts for you and again you will see them here on your interior pages. You can delete these once you created one of your own. And to create a post of your own, you just go to add new. And your post title goes here and a lot of folks asks what kind of content should go on a post, this where your search engine is going to look for new information, so we recommend highlighting new things going on your business, we recommend highlighting upcoming events, we recommend if theres anything in the media thats happening that could be use for your business that you tied that in as well. For example if you find an article that talks about how great team sport are for developing athletes, you can talk about how allstartcheer is an excellent team sport and some benefits to not only just on allstarcheersite but through your company.


We do recommend you post a blog at least once a week, we recommend 300 to 600 words and copy again and target things specific to your gym, your industry and your location. -Your content will go here and you got a bunch of editor tool lists to see you got bold, italic, size, strikethrough, bullets, you got quotes you can do horizontal lines

- you can change alignment, you can insert links. So lets say that you want to draw attention to your upcoming calendar, if you want to link to a page thats already on your website. You do not need to copy the entire url you just need to copy the slag, that's anything that comes after the dot.com. That's also the system that's staying in the website going on the new page. So to learn about our offerings, check out our calendar. 

Linking a Page

-And we can highlight the text that we want to make clickable

- Click on insert edit link and add the slag. Now again if you're using a url coming from somewhere other than your website, you will want to use the entire url. So again using the team sport analogy that I put up earlier, if you found the article on USA today, you wanna link back to it, youll need to copy the entire url, which is everything here and link it that way. -We click here two bar toggle and it gives you more options.

-You can change the type of text.

Make a different heading , it gives it more emphasis, you can underline, you can justify, you can change your text color, do all those sort of stuff. The only thing you can do here is you can add media and by media I'm really talking about jpegs and pdfs, so video files should not be added raw to your website just because they’re very large files and you can slow down the load time of your website which can hurt your search engine ranking, which can also hurt your conversion because people are becoming more and more impatient when it comes to load times. So we recommend using a very video system either using youtube, vimeo something like that. You can upload it there, send us the url and we can embed it in the website so it looks like its coming from the website, but its actually using the server space on the sharing site.

-Same thing with music you can use amazon s3 account or something like that, or you can use soundcloud which became more popular and we can embed both of those types of files into your slide as well. Again it looks like it came from your website but its actually pulling from these other location. So lets say that you want to put in an image.

You want put it in the beginning content so we gonna put out curser where we want to add a media and we gonna click on add media. Now we can either upload files or we can use files that are already in the media library. So lets say I wanna use a file already in my media library and I like this image. And were gonna put a title and something that we wanna use, so lets call it classes are now beginning at music box. We can put in a caption as well, classes are filling up at music box, we’d love to have you onboard. The reason you put in the title, maybe a caption or maybe alter text and description is because search engine don’t understand images, they understand words, so this way its gonna have an extra boost to you research engine ranking for this posts. The next piece here is gonna be attachment statements and that how gonna be you want your attachment to show up. So the first thing youre gonna see is jpegs is the alignment and thats where you wanna want the image.


So if you choose no alignment, the images will be at the top, the text is gonna be below it. If you choose right alignment, the images is gonna be at the right, the text is gonna wrap around to the left. If you choose the center alignment, the image is gonna be in the middle, the text is gonna wrap around on the other side. And if you choose left alignment the image will be to the left and the text wrap around to the right. So lets just choose left just for the time being. And gonna ask what you want to link to, now with pdf flyers something like that, if you choose media file that will allow your user to save and download the image. Print it off, however they see fit. Obviously with pictures of your athletes and your staff and things of that nature, we probably don’t wanna link to the media file because then any person could come and download your images. So we don’t recommend linking to the media file if youre using pictures. Your next option is an attachment page which serves as your intermediary page between your posts to your page and the image in the file and so what happen is when someone clicks the link, it takes them to a intermediary page and they have to click on the link again, it confuses a lot of folks and we hear a lot of you know what.


I think my page is broken, its not broken youve link to an attachment page, so thers an intermediary page now, for that reason we don’t recommend linking to an attachment page. Your next option is a custom url and again we can put in slag, we can put in a whole new url and when someone clicks on the picture, it will automatically take them to that page or if you just like the picture you wanna use some imagery did on the text, we highly recommend you can click to none. The picture is there but its not clickable, its not downloadble, its just there to just the text and the final thing is you wanna pick the size and depending on the size of your image, you have a lot of options. We recommend picking something around the 300 pixel area not means large enough to be seen but so large its destructing. Lets stick with media in here when were happy about all our setting were gonna insert to post. And there it is. When we click publish, Im just gonna refresh our interior page you see underneath, recent posts title goes here. By clicking on that, it will take you to the post, here we are filling up the music box have you onboard will go here, learn a better offering just check out our calendar just by they’ll take you to the calendar page. Final thing I wanna show about post is see how it says publish on sept 1st, well if you recall, we do recommend you blog post once a week, three hundred sixty words. Not everybody has time on a Monday morning to get up and write on the blog post so what you can do click edit. You can either back date post maybe you want to publish on the august 1st or you can schedule out the post in advance, so maybe you want to show up on September fifth. You click ok and schedule and im gonna interior page again. The post is gonna be to the side bar but we go back to our dashboard, were gonna see, publishing soon, September fifth. Your post title goes here so its set to publish it’s just not live and active yet so thats how the post work.


Post and pages are very similar, so im gonna jump down the pages very quickly. Your team might already added in all the pages that you requested, so they will all be in place so again sticking with calendar thing, you can click on calendar. Sometimes you have dummy contents sometimes you wont and you can add your new content, now we talk about how to add a jpegs. Lets talk about how to add pdfs. Pdf is gonna be like a calendar, like a waiver form, like a handbook anything written that you want people to not just be able to see but be able to save and download. So well just put our curser where we want that information click on add media and again either grab it from the media file on media library or you can upload it from a file from your computer.


So which we gonna pretend for the time being that this our class schedule change the title to whatever we want to say, click here to view our class schedule again you can put in a caption or description if you like but the title its gonna be what shows up on the page and then your only two options pdf from media file page, again we recommend media file attachment page will use folks and click insert the page now we click update to refresh or down the pages were going to see you content click here to be your task schedule and then click insert to page, when we click update and refresh calendar page  were to see add content click here to view your class schedule automatically pull out the coupon for me or the schedule whenever it is we added and then you can shrink it in to make it, fit it in the pages you can make it pass the pages you can zoom in, you can save and print, so thats how you posts pages for . If you decide you not add a new page remember you can create a page do may out or in and you said its great so that tell your post of papers of work if you decided to add a picture you can create the page we just need  where its where its going to live, so lets say you add a new page, new page, title goes here and your content will go here, now a lot of folks asks can you guys create pages and add them for us we do recommend now to make it sure that if you wanna make page that you send us the content as well there are a few things more fresh time to go to the websites information and there are pages they that have no contact on that, so if like us to create the page on your behalf be added thats absolutely, just make sure you have the information that you need to do so. Now when you click publish it tells the search engine that your page can be index, so somebody searching for something specific they can find it. also allows you to click take your link here which is the url and you can send in to other people so that they can see and read it but its not public on your own home page, when we public your page until you send email on your implementation concierge the email created and such a pages i would like to add it to may main menu between program a calendar and thats something we can setup for you very quickly. So those are the pages were gonna back up to media, weve talked a little bit about media library many of the things on your media library which will be pieces that we use to build your websites, so your logo, your background, your slider images,your button images these are pieces that our team created and included on your behalf. if you take a look on your media library.


Your only option is view and delete permanently. So please lightly before deleting something permanently. If you delete one of the boxes on the homepage our team will have to rebuild those, so just kinda give us a heads up make sure that if youre deleting something your'e sure that a) you uploaded it b) youre good to delete it. The other thing here is that if you like to add media to the media library, its not sure where its gonna go yet. You can through the media library add a bunch of files at once theyll all upload, theyll go into the media library this is helpful because your folks can help you add content to the pages if you wanna give staff numbers or the parents the opportunity to edit it. In that way they don’t have to come bother you for pictures. Its also helpful if you have a home computer and a wrok computer and you download the images on one computer and the other, that way it doesn’t matter what computer youre working on theyre always gonna be in your media library.

The final thing I wanna show you, well not final but close to final is our event calendar. Now if you choose to use an interactive calendar then what youll do is you go to event youll add new and you will enter your title here. Lil description will go here if you like, and then you can put in additional information here. So lets say youre having an open house on Friday from 5pm till 7pm. You can put in your event location. And thats great because when someone is looking at this event on tablet or smartphone theyll be able to click on the address and then pull out a google map and offer a google maps link. You can also put in event organizer detail, so someone other than you is hosting the event you can list the information. Theres an additional website you can go to with that information. Theres a cause you can send us information. The final thing you want to make sure that you do is if youre using the interactive calendar, youre gonna find a calendar or two under event category. You must click the calendar that you and your implementation concierge have discuss in order for the event to show up. When you click publish automatically publish and we will click on view event very quickly in a new window so you see what its gonna look like, we have the option to add it to the google calendar or import it to the an icap. We can see all of the calendars, so here we are. These are the days that we have available for October, we can view it as a month, by the list, by day. These are the upcoming event. So you got a plenty of options if you decide you want to use our interactive calendar. If you want to fantastic, if you dont think you don’t want to, thats fine too, if youre not sure, none of this is written in stone. So if you decide you know what Im not gonna use the calendar and a couple of months now you decide you do, thats fine, thats something out team can setup for you.

The final thing I wanna show you is comments since your website is written on wordpress which is originated as a blogging flatform. You do have with your blogs the ability to leave comments. So you see im logged in, i can leave a comment I can post to comment and because im logged in the comment will show up immediately which is great for you if you wanna quickly respond to somebody. For parents if they already logged in however if youre not already in the system then your comment will go into a pending pile basically. And you will receive an email to our system says hey someone is leaving a message on this blogpost, if this is an approved comment click here. Approved means that its perfectly fine, the question is fine, the information is fine and the person just didn’t have a log in so well approve it. If its trash click here. Trash means its not an appropriate comment its not spam or say. But maybe its snurky or maybe its rude or maybe the information that was given is incorrect but either way you don’t want it showing up on the comment. Your third option is gonna be spam and spam looks like this, obviously this is not a human being, if its a human being, its not a human being that speaks in English and so were not really sure that they are commenting and left their comments in foreign language. So what youre wanna do is mark it as spam. Now we have installed software on your system that starts to learn whats spam and what isn’t. And so the first week or two that you have your website up and running as you give this comments, click on spam. That will teach the system this is what spam looks like and then it will start deleting the spam before it gets to you. Which will really help you cut down on your work time, if after a month or so all youre seeing is spam. Youre users don’t give comments. We can disable commenting altogether though its not great for your search engine rankings but again its important that youre going through again the first week or two on teaching the system whats spam and what isn’t. Otherwise it will not help you filter out in advance.

And that is the whole system. As I mentioned earlier we were talking about events none of this is set on stone. The point in having a dashboard that you can edit as well as the implementation concierge who can add things for you. Is that this is always going to be a working progress, but make sure that youve got all the information that you need to take the site live that again came in a list with this email, when our team has that information we can go live. You can always however fill it out round, tweak your contents, add pages, remove pages that's your implementation concierge is there for and thats why you have access to the dashboard, search engine are looking for new contents. Don’t be afraid to continue to add content even after the website is live. And the other thing I like to say is eventhough you take the time to watch the video and you probably feel more confident in working with the system. If any point in time you would prefer to use your implementation concierge to enter the information for you, thats what theyre there for. All you need to do is send the content to them, let them know where its supposed to go. If its just text and you need text to send it via email or any text document, if its something that mostly downloadable for your end users that needs to be sent as a pdf, and all images should need to be sent as jpegs. And our team is more than happy to enter that information for you. So all of that said, you have watched this video, you now have your log ins go ahead play around with the buttons on the website if you have any questions in any point in time during this process, please reach out to your implementation concierge and theyll be happy to help however they can.