Step 1 - Log in to your mailing system account. 

Your login details are already sent to you via email.

Step 2 - Viewing your contacts

Click the Contact drop-down menu and select All. This will now display all your contacts. 

Step 3 - Searching your contacts

Click on the Search Contacts field at the upper right corner of the dashboard, input the name of the contact you wish to search then click on the Search button.

Step 4 - Filtering your contacts via List

In the Contacts page, click on the Filter Contacts drop down menu then select which list you want your contacts to be filtered.

Step 5 - Filtering your contacts via its status

In the Contacts page, you have the option to only show your Active contacts by clicking the Active tab, Bounced contacts by clicking the Bounced tab, Globally unsubscribed contacts by clicking on the Globally Unsubscribed tab or Unsubscribed contacts by clicking on the Unsubscribed tab.

Step 6 - List

There are two types of List: internal and public. The internal list shows your contacts whom you've signed up while the public list shows your contacts who have signed-up to your list themselves.

a. Creating List

1. Click on the Contacts drop-down menu then select List

2. Click on the Create List button

3. Fill in the fields with the required information

4. Click the Save button

b. Sending a message to the people on your list

1. After you created a list, you can now send a message using your EasyCast address (i.e. Sending a message to this email will automatically send out your message to all the people who are on the list.

Step 7 - Adding Contacts

a. Adding Contacts (Import)

1. Click on the Contacts drop-down menu then select Add then select Import

2. Choose the place that you will import contacts from (i.e. CSV file, XLS file, etc.) then click the Next button

b. Adding Contacts (Copy and Paste) 

1. Click on the Contacts drop-down menu then select Add then select Copy and Paste

2. Copy/Paste the email addresses on the text box

3. Choose which list to subscribe contacts to

4. Click the Save button

c. Adding Contacts (One-at-a-time)

1. Click on the Contacts drop-down menu then select Add then select One-at-a-time

2. Fill in the fields with your contact's information

3. Click either the Save or the Save & Add More button

Step 8 - Custom Fields

a. Adding a Custom Field

1. Click the Contacts drop-down menu then select Custom Fields

2. Click the Create Custom field button

3. Select what type of custom field you want to create on the given list

4. Click the Create Custom Field button

5. Fill in the required information on the fields then click the Save button

Step 9 - Campaigns

a. Viewing your campaigns

Click the Campaigns drop-down menu then select view then choose which type of campaign you wish to view (i.e. Draft, Scheduled, in Progress, Complete, MV Split, Triggered or Recurring)

b. Creating campaigns

1. On your Campaigns page, click the Create Campaign button then select which type of message you wish to create then click the Create button

2. Select which list/s your message will be sent then click Continue

3. Fill in the campaign information form then click Save & Next

4. Select which type of content (i.e. Template, Editor, Copy/Paste, URL) do you want to create then click Create Content and input your content and then click Save & Next. You will now see how your message will appear on your desktop using different email clients, on your mobile (IOS or Android) or as text. It will also show you your Message Quality score and whether there are problems in your campaign.

5. After previewing your message, you now have an option whether to send out a test email or Send or Schedule your message.

a. Testing - Click on the Testing tab then input the email address you wish to send the test email to and you also have an option to include a note. 5.1.2 Click Send Test 

b. Send & Schedule - On the preview page, click on the Send or Schedule button then select when the message will be sent, Now or Later. When choosing Send Now, your message will be sent right away but if you choose Send Later, you still have to set the date and time when you want your message to be sent. 

Step 10 - Reports  

On the Reports tab, you will find a detailed report of your campaign comparison, domain performance, list performance, contact engagement, contact modification, subscriptions and import history. 

1. On your dashboard, click on the Reports drop-down menu and select which report you'd like to view.

Step 11 - Changing your mailing system password

1. On your dashboard, click on the Settings drop-down menu then select Change Your Password

2. Input your New Password and Verify New Password

3. Click the Update button