This document will provide a step-by-step tutorial on how to change the logo and background on Luxury.

Step 1 - Log In To Your Account

Log in to your WordPress account.

Step 2 - Go to Customize

On your WordPress dashboard, in the left navigation panel, (1) hover on Appearance and (2) select Customize.

Step 3 - Logo, Background and Fonts

You will be directed to the Customize section, from the left navigation panel, click Logos, Background, and Fonts and it will collapse the configuration pane.

Step 4 - Changing the Logo

(1) Click Change Image and (2) select the image you wish to use as your logo.

Once you have successfully uploaded the selected logo, (3) go to the Media Library tab and locate the logo. (4) Click Choose Image.

Step 5 - Changing the Background

The process will be similar to Step 4, however you will need to click the Change Image button in the Background section.

Step 6 - Changing the Fonts

You may change the fonts for the head, body and adjust the body font size.

Step 7 - Saving Your Settings

Click Save to apply your changes.